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Asian medical Institute, Kyrgyzstan

The Asian Medical Institute is an MCI and WHO recognized Institute for medical education. This Institute was established in the year 2004 and located in Kant, Kyrgyzstan. This place is 20 km away from the capital city, Bishkek. The students from almost ten countries are currently enrolled in this Institute for medical education. The international students get knowledge in the English language. Also, many doctors hailing from the UK, the US, and other countries visit the campus to provide advanced practical training to students. The faculty members generally hold the degree of Ph.D. or medical graduation. Some of them are specialists in their field.
The degree of this constitution is valid in all European countries without any tests. But it is legitimate in other countries too; the student will need to pass the screening test for working in other countries. This Institute is registered and approved by the Ministry of Education, Kyrgyzstan, and FAIMER. Weekly English classes are also produced to students who are weak in English.
The atmosphere for the students is fantastic. Also, the MBBS course is popular among all. Students from India, Russia, Nepal, Germany, etc. are currently getting education from this Institute. If you also want to study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, then this Institute could be your choice. But before making a decision, you must know about the college. Here we are sharing the exact details of this Institute.

Courses Offered by Asian medical Institute

This Institute is providing various Graduate and Post Graduate medical courses. MBBS is one of the most popular trails in it. Apart from MBBS, students can select other classes too. Here are some of the main courses available in the Institute.
General Medicine (MBBS/MD)
Duration: 6 years
Dentistry (BDS/DDS)
Duration: 5 years


  • Department of Medicine
  • Department of Nursing
  • Department of Dentistry
  • Department of Preparatory courses

Asian Medical Institute MBBS Fee Structure

The fees for pursuing the studies in this Institute are affordable for Indian students. The complete fees will be equal to the charges of any university in India. The cost of studying and living in Kyrgyzstan is also very less in comparison to other universities or countries.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Tuition Fee 2,07,000 2,07,000 2,07,000 2,07,000 2,07,000
Hostel Fee 32,500 32,500 32,500 32,500 32,500
Other Charges 1,69,000 12,500 12,500 12,500 12,500
Total Charges 4,08,500 2,52,000 2,52,000 2,52,000 2,52,000

The complete course is of 6 years duration. Your total spending for these years will be around 1500000. The other charges given in the table includes registration fee, resident permitted.

Asian Medical institute Internship

There are two choices of internships for students. They can continue their course from this Institute or any of the colleges of India. The students will get the internship permission just after completing their academic education in Kyrgyzstan. But the students who have opted for an internship from India will need to pass the screening test of MCI.

Asian Medical Institute MBBS
Asian Medical Institute MBBS

Asian Medical Institute Scholarship

The Institute is not providing any scholarship program as the charges of academic is very low. However, the best performer is acknowledged by the Institute every year. The students are encouraged to perform clinical research and awarded for it.

Asian medical institute Ranking

The ranking of the Institute is ten at the state level, while the world ranking is under 15000.

Asian medical Institute MBBS Admission for Indian Students

When we talk about medical education and its cost, then the Asian preventive Institute comes in the first position for Indians. Almost 100 Indian students are studying MBBS in This Institute. English is the primary language for academics, so it is a beneficial step for Indians. Also, the Indian mess is available for the students. Now, turn back to the admission procedure for the Indian students.
First of all, you will need to fill the online form and apply for admission. The students can apply online by visiting the official website of the Institute.

Required Documents

  • 10th and 12th Mark sheets
  • Passport copy
  • Certificate of Birth
  • Certificate of immigration
  • Digital Photographs
  • Report on medical health
  • Report on the HIV test

After the application is completed, the Institute will send the application status, whether it is accepted or rejected. When the confirmation letter is received, students should pay the fees for the first year of MBBS. The payment can be made through internet banking or other payment methods accepted by the Institute. The student must apply for a visa as soon as the approval of admission is received. The process will take some time, and the student will require giving the following documents.

  • University Invitation Letter
  • Valid Passport
  • High School Certificates
  • HIV / Aids Test Report

Facilities in Asian Medical Institute

The basic amenities are essential for students, and every university must provide it. The Asian Institute is doing this job very well. Students are getting all kinds of facilities here.

  • Separate accommodation for all Boys and Girls.
  • The Hostel rooms come with the best quality facilities. They are fully furnished, air-conditioned, as well as equipped with furniture, tables, beds, cupboards, and WI-FI.
  • The University campus has various facilities like cafeterias, sports areas, cultural zones, and standard rooms.
  • Library Facility is also provided to students. There are v200 journals, magazines, books, and newspaper collections in it. Membership will allow students to get free books from the university. Also, the books are written by various national and international authors.
  • Well equipped and large laboratory facility is also available for students. The lab contains a high tech machine, microscopes, etc. There is almost every necessary need for students and teachers in the laboratory.

Contact Details

Email ID: [email protected]
Address: Gagarin Street 58, Kant city, Kyrgyzstan

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