Davao Medical School Foundation

Davao Medical School Foundation

Davao Medical School Foundation is one of the oldest medical schools in the Philippines. It was founded in July 1976. The school foundation was established when rural communities, as well as an urban sector, were lack of doctors. The school has provided the best education to the students. Many specialists doctors are working here with experience. Also, DMSF governs different colleges such as College of Dentistry, Research and development in health and others. It is registered and approved by the Commission of Higher Education. Besides, it provides better health care for the Urban and rural community. College of Medicine is the first college in Mindanao. This foundation has the vision to develop healthy and quality life in the cities.

Davao Medical School Foundation
Davao Medical School Foundation

Moreover, it provides human and health science education as well as services including primary health care instruction, patient, research and community health care. They are also working on building compassionate and socially responsive graduates.

The foundation provides the health care facility to the locals. It has a capacity of 250 beds with the certification of Multi-specialist private hospital.

Why choose Davao Medical School

This school is providing various facilities to its students who have increased the number of international students here. From scholarship programs to affordable tuition fees, school foundation is leaving no stone for making the education more straightforward for the students. The Hostel facility is also available for the students.

  • Affordable Tuition fees for foreign and local students
  • Multiple Scholarship programs
  • Healthy Environment
  • Better facilities for international students
  • No language barrier, Courses are taught in English
  • Hostel facility

Courses in Davao Medical School Foundation

Bachelor’s Programs

  • BS in Midwifery
    Duration: 4 years
  • BS in Nursing
    Duration: 4 years
  • BS in Biology
    Duration: 4 years

Master’s Programs at DMSF

  • Master in Community Health
    Duration: 2 years
  • Master in Health Professions Education
    Duration: 2 years
  • Master in Participatory Development
    Duration: 2 years

Doctorate Programs at DMSF

  • Doctor of Dental Medicine
  • Doctor of Medicine
    Eligibility: IELTS accepted

Fee Structure of the School


  • For first-year students
    Tuition Fees/year in INR: 650000
  • For second-year students
    Tuition Fees/year in INR: 325000

*Third, fourth, fifth year fees same as the second year.

Visa + ticket + other charges: 125000

Other Famous Medical Colleges in the Philippines:

The University of Perpetual for MBBS
AMA school of medicine
Bicol Christian College of Medicine
Emilio Aguinaldo College

Contact Details

Davao Medical School Foundation, Inc.
DMSF Drive, Bajada, Davao City
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.dmsf.edu.ph/dmsf/

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