MCI Approved Medical Colleges in Abroad

The medical profession is the best and noblest one in the world. The study of medicine is necessary for this profession. Students who are willing to become a doctor or do an MBBS degree are required to give NEET-UG examination. Also, they have to follow the guidelines of MCI so here we will provide you list of MCI Approved Medical Colleges in Abroad. The Medical Council of India abbreviated as MCI. This council is the regulatory body of the medical profession, and almost everyone knows about it.

The workflow of MCI includes creating and implementing rules for hospitals and medical, educational institutes. The medical degree approved by MCI is valid in India. It means the person has a medical degree from authorized by this council will have the right to practice or work in Hospital as well as in their clinic. So if you study in Indian medical institute, then you will find that all the medical school, colleges, and hospitals are MCI approved . After taking the degree from these authorized institutes, you can practice on your own or can work in Hospital. The degree from MCI will prove your eligibility as a doctor in India.

MCI Approved Medical colleges in Abroad
MCI Approved Medical colleges in Abroad

The interventions of MCI are not limited to India only. Also, MCI connected to the medical colleges in other countries too. The students who are willing to study in abroad can apply for study program under the universities approved by MCI. The MBBS program in abroad is possible with MCI intervention. But the students have to make sure that their respective college came under the list of Medical colleges approved by MCI.

MCI Approved medical Colleges in Abroad

Students planning to peruse their medical education abroad must join the MCI approved colleges. Most of the doctors in India have studied abroad but working in India. It is possible because they have MCI approved degree in MBBS. So aspirants who want to study in abroad but work in India should select the MCI approved colleges for their education. If you do not know about the MCI approved colleges list then find them here. The list of medical colleges and universities of different countries is given below.

  • University of Vienna (Austria)
  • St. Mary’s School of Medicine (Australia)
  • The University of Traditional Medicine (Armenia)
  • Medical University of Bahrain (Bahrain)
  • University of Dhaka (Bangladesh)
  • University of Chittagong (Bangladesh)
  • Higher Medical Institute (Bulgaria)
  • Jimma Medical University (Canada)
  • International Medical University (Cambodia)
  • Phillips University (Germany)
  • Texila American University (Guyana)
  • New Vision University (Georgia)
  • University of Hang Tuah (Indonesia)
  • University of Turin (Italy)
  • Semei State Medical University (Kazakhstan)
  • Iran University of Medical Science and Research (Iran)
  • University of Medicine and Pharmacy (Romania)
  • Amur State Medical University (Russia)
  • University of California (United States)

These are the universities and colleges where you can apply for Medical education and these are MCI Approved Medical Colleges in Abroad. Also, the universities provide not only UG courses but also PG ones. You can select the university and country based on Fee structure, eligibility, and living conditions of the state. In addition, there are few colleges approved by MCI in the world, but these are top-ranked universities of the country.

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